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copertinaWe have the pleasure to resume our “In English” feature, meeting the wonderful Jenni Czech, one of the most beautiful and requested European models.

Jenni, as her nickname suggests, is from Czech Republic and works all over the World for important names of fashion and magazines: we can see her on commercials for brands like Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci, she has posed for Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and Mayfair and often is busy working on important photography workshops organized by famous photographers.

Jenni about herself says on her ModelMayhem profile: “I always put the accent on education. I attended Gymnasium in Pilsen (school-leaving exam: math, chemistry, czech language and german language), I attended University in Pilsen – Faculty of Economy, and after lot of sacrifices, in June 2008 I graduated and became Economics Engineer  – what means the same like MSc. in the US. This was my biggest success in my life. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people and the experience of different cultures.”

Here in Italy she has worked with Davide Paltrinieri, a great photographer from Ferrara, that kindly give us some of the pictures they have made together and that has organized for BE! Magazine this interview.IMG_3298

Hi Jenni and welcome to BE! Magazine, thank you so much for this interview. How did your model career start?

A friend of mine made a portfolio where I was on with some pictures; later on she managed to create one just for me and when some offers came, she told me 🙂 It was just a small hobby portfolio based in Czech Republic for Czech amateur photographers.

Have you ever thought to work as model, or your teenage dreams were others?

Never! But after working as part-time model and getting just bad work offers in Czech Republic, after reaching for master of economy degree I decided to keep shooting and travelling for a few more years.

IMG_0123Do you remember the first time you went to a foreign country to work as model? How did you manage with this situation and what were your feelings?

My first abroad job was a big shootout in Ibiza – there were like 15 models. It was just crazy! One week with so many girls is not so much fun!  Next trip was to Austria for my first shoot for Femjoy: that was great and the photographers were very friendly and it was very funny.

You work both for commercials and magazines, posing from accessories and sunglasses advertisements to nude photoshoots for Playboy and Penthouse: what’s the approach to these different kinds of works?

I like all different kind of works, I like creativity and I feel happy for commercial as well, because I am not a skinny fashion model. I like variation and I like to have fun while shooting.IMG_0182

Here in Italy we are passing through a sort of “reversed revolution” against nude, the opposite of what happened in the 60’s and 70’s and all the nude is considered as vulgarity: what do you think about nude modeling and its use on commercials and television?

We were born nude, so what? Many people eat so much, hate their bodies and don’t want to see any other better body. Usually this is the case when someone reported us while shooting in public (but with minimum people around as I don’t mind nudity but I like my privacy). More people do drama for nudity, more hidden creepy people search for that… for tv some basic nudity is ok to me. I’m not talking about porn or erotic pics, that stuff may stay private just for adults.

IMG_0196We know you work also as model for many photographers all around the World, that choose you for your professionality and, obviously, your beauty and style: do you work both with professionals and amateurs? What’s the main differences you have noted between them?

This answer would be long enough for a book. Who don’t have experience doesn’t know how it works. I have to say that most people I met were quite friendly. References are needed, but it’s not much fun when time is money and photographers see models just like a tool. For that reason I like to work with amateur photographers  because they love what they do and I can give them lighting advices and other ideas.

IMG_0111Do you feel strange or shy when you pose naked? Is there any particular episode (funny, embarassing, curious…) that you would like to tell us about your experiences on a photographic set?

If  people have respect, I am ok. These are usually real photographers. The second group is what I call “guys with a camera”. They just want to see a nude girl and, when I know that pictures will not turn out good, I don’t have fun because I don’t need to waste my energy posing. Anyway, I would drink my coffee nude as well, if I get paid! 🙂

What do you love and hate more of your job? Do you have a boyfriend? What does he think about your profession?jenni_czech_davide_paltrinieri09

It’s 50-50 like in any other job. Bad people, stress, traffic, cold, too hot, sicknesses…and we have to manage that all. But the positive side is travelling around the world and having friends who help making the job easier. Private stuff I prefer to keep it private.

What about you and technology? Do you use facebook or have a personal website? What do you think about the power of the web and the famous “15 minutes of fame”, Warhol’s expression?

Technically I am bad. But I use facebook  and twitter for my modeling work. It’s just promotion but there is no business via those portals. I like to stay in touch with my fans but sometimes it takes too much time.IMG_2947

What are your plans for the future? Will you come to Italy soon for work?

There are no plans now because I have a knee injured, so I will see when I’ll be back and active. I had to cancel many trips and shoots, so I have to work a lot trying to do all what I promised.

Thank you very much Jenni, we hope to see you again soon!

Wish you sunny days and positive energy in everything you do. Jenni.

IMG_3042Our readers can follow Jenni on her facebook page and twitter profile. She has a professional model profile on ModelMayhem. Her official website is here.

Many thanks to Davide Paltrinieri: you can see his works on his facebook page, official website and ModelMayhem profile.





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