Wonderful Claudia Cozma and Cristina Benchea

Hi to all! Finally, after some months, we are back with one of our favourite sections on Be! Magazine: in this occasion we are presenting you two wonderful models, Claudia Cozma and Cristina Benchea, who are working a lot and with great results in their home country, Romania.
For this article, we have the great pleasure to cooperate with Cristi Buga, one of the best and most requested Romanian photographers, thatwho was so kind to meet Claudia and Cristina for an exclusive photoshooting we bet you’ll appreciate, totally!

We start with Claudia, 28 years old, from Bucharest: she is very well known in Romania after she won the “Libertatea Miss Fata de la pagina 5” Christmas contest and now she is very requested for tv features and magazine photoshootings.

Hi Claudia, welcome on BE! Magazine: is it the first time for you on an Italian magazine? Then, introduce yourself to our readers!
Yes, it’s my first time here and it’s a great pleasure for me! I am 28 years old, born in Bucharest. Currently living in Britain in Leicester to study tourism there and when I have time I work as volunteer with special needs children. In my spare time when not doing any volunteer I like to go to the ocean that is basically a big hobby of mine and there I love to make jet-skiing. I like to go out with friends in town or just relax at home in a bubble bath and a glass of white wine, accompanied by relaxing music.

Which was your first approach in the showbiz?
Well, from a very young age my parents subscribed me to a modeling agency school. A couple of years ago I posed and I have been the image for an important business company from Romania. I’ve always dreamt to be in this world and to go to UK to realize my desires, but I’ve decided that maybe it was better to move my first steps in a place I know better, my country: offers were so many and so interesting! FHM was a great experience and gave me confidence on what I’ve really wanted to do in my future; after that, the contest on Libertatea opened a lot of doors and from there I started to work on some tv programs on Kanal D and I had shootings for magazines.

What is your opinion about your body? Do you enjoy to show it naked?
I credit my parents for the confidence and body image I have. They instilled it at a young age. My mom always told me I was “beautiful, smart and clever”, no matter what. (she smiles) In high school I was popular and now I’m in Romania and Europe, living my dreams. I might have days where I say, “Shoot, this doesn’t fit right.” But do I ever doubt or belittle myself? Never. When I wake up in the morning, I’m thinking about my career, business, how to get on the next TV show. And yes I love my body and I’m proud to show to others.

Which part of your body do you think men appreciate more? And you, on a man?

(she laughs) It’s hard to say. Different people got different taste. Some men like my boobs, some of them my dorsal part. I do not have a favorite part of my body because I like the way it is and for the moment I will not change anything to it. Hmm… what attracts me to a men is sincerity, being a gentleman and that men who gives the feeling that I’m protected and loved.

We know that last year you had breast implants, what is your opinion about this kind of surgery?
I like how fake boobs look in clothes. Out of clothes, they are hit and miss. I understand it’s a self-confidence thing. All I really know is that I want to play with some at least once in my life. After that I’ll make a final decision. In conclusion I have a good opinion about this surgery but as well as an advice women can do this kind of surgery just if they look their self-confidence in them.

What is for you being sexy? Is it a thing that remains on the photographic set, or do you like to show this sensuality also in your everyday life?
For me being sexy is just when I need to be. My friends keep telling me that I’m a very sensual girl with lots of qualities. But I don’t think to be sexy in every moment of my day (she smiles)

Do you feel strange or shy when you pose naked? Is there any particular episode (funny, embarassing, curious…) that you would like to tell us about your experiences on a photographic set or in tv?
No, there is no embarrassing or funny when I pose. Sometimes it happens when you see everyone serious to the session and I start laughing. But like I said above I like to show to others my body and I’m proud of the way I look.

What do you love and hate more of your job?
This job is not so easy like it looks like; it’s a very hard industry to get in to and hard to maintain. But till in this moment I do not hate anything from it.

Do you have a boyfriend? What does he think about your profession?
Yes I do have a boyfriend. He doesn’t totally agree with what I’m doing, but in another way I know he is proud of me. He is always supporting me in everything that I want to do and he is sure that if I propose something in my mind I will make it, no matter what.

Imagine it’s a very special evening with a men you really like: what will be your approach for the event to make him crazy about you?
The best approach I would use to make a make crazy is just to be accompanied by my sensuality (she smiles)

What about you and technology? Do you use facebook or have a personal website? What do you think about the power of the web?
I think that technology can help you a lot, but as well it can destroy you.

About Italy: have you ever been here, for work or vacation? Would you like this? And what do you think about Italian people?
Yes, I’ve been in Italy before. I lived there for two years in Montecatini, Tuscany. I worked there as a manager in a restaurant. People from Italy are ok. I mean that there are good and not soo good people. There I made lots of friends and I got a great time there.

Imagine yourself in 10 years from now, how do you imagine your life?
Everyone has his dreams and so do I. I always believe that if you have an idea, you should put it into practice: only in this way can we improve ourselves, so just try hard. I do not wanna think of the future, what I really think a lot of is now. If we try hard to be satisfied in the present, our future will be positive

Which are the projects you have for the near future?
My projects for the next months are to work in television as a presenter and to have my own show to help people to become more open-minded (she smiles)

We thank Claudia for this interview, wishing her good luck and to reach everything that she is working for!

And now our second guest: Cristina Benchea is a very successful model in Romania. She’s known for her devotion and passion for posing (and for her beauty as well), you can see by yourselves how much she loves the camera!

Hi Cristina, welcome on BE!Magazine: how would you introduce yourself to our readers who don’t know you, yet?
My name is Cristina Benchea. I was born in Sibiu, I’m 25 and I’ve been living in Bucharest for 2 years now. I’m 1.70 m tall and I weight in at 55 kg. I’m an ambitious, friendly and happy girl. I like having a great time, going out with my friends and dancing all night ‘till dawn. But with the same pleasure I go, sometimes, to a movie, to the theatre or to the Opera House. Other times I like to read, swim and travel.

When did you start to do modeling and which are the main reasons for this?
I first started to approach the modeling business at the age of 18. But I really started to work in this field 2 years ago, and for a year now I am working intensely on different projects. The reason behind it is simple: I like being admired. And if I want to keep this up, I have to maintain my physical shape and to develop my personality. Or else, the pleasure of being admired will be cut short. Furthermore, the modeling brings me the opportunity to meet interesting people with a surprising imagination. It’s interesting to see how my body remains the same, but the pictures bring something different each and every time. Avoiding the “clichés” is a real challenge.

I know you love to pose, and you love artistic nudes , so I imagine that you have a great opinion about your body: but is there something you’d change about it?
I am happy with my physical appearance, but I would have liked to be a little taller. That’s why I dropped the fashion shows and I’ve dedicated myself to photography.

One of the thing I appreciate more about your style, is that you are sexy and charming, even erotic, but without any vulgarity: can you explain us your concept of “erotic” and what is for you the meaning of being “sexy”?
Being “sexy” is more than having an erotic effect on the others. “Being sexy” is more than that: it implies not only a sexual incitement but an aesthetic one too. Nowadays, “sexy” is a word that can describe anything, from a mobile phone to a car. It may be synonymous with “trendy” or “attractive”.
In other words, I want to be sexy, but not in the erotic aspect of the word. The artistic nude does not have only erotic connotations. The naked body defines us, even though not everybody manages to surpass the “erotic” message sent out by the nude

And it’s a thing you love just on the sets, or do you like to express it also in your normal life, outside the set?
I think I am a nonconformist outside the studio as well. I don’t like compromises in the extent that they only restrict the freedom of expression. Nonetheless, I like the idea of being faithful to one man. Of course, not any man…

Without any doubt, most of the public that will see your pictures in the future will be men and boys: what’s your feeling about it?
I like being watched and admired. Hypocrisy set aside, every woman admits to this fact: the desire to be admired by others is more powerful than narcissism. The thing I desire most is that my pictures would be seen by people that know how to differentiate between a simple photograph of a beautiful woman and a photograph with a certain erotic message. I would like that my state of spirit from the moment the photo is taken would open the mind and soul of the viewer.

Do you have a boyfriend? What does he think about your profession?
Right now I’m not in a relationship. My future partner will have to accept me as I am and also to understand and respect my hobbies and my work. I don’t like possessive and judgmental men.

What about you and technology? Do you use facebook or have a personal website? What do you think about the power of the web and the famous “15 minutes of fame”, Warhol’s expression?
I have an account on Facebook, but I don’t use it to promote the projects I’m working on. At the moment I don’t have a personal web site, although some of my pictures are on flickr and in the near future I will develop a webpage.
I strongly hope to conquer Andy Warhol’s’ “15 minutes of fame”. It will be difficult, but the more difficult it gets, the more it drives me forward. In general, we all face the “big challenge” of the transiency of our bodies.

Apart from beauty, which talent do you think could be of particular help in your profession?
More important than beauty is expressiveness. The artistic picture does not take about a harmony, but of the harmony which represents an emotion, an attitude. I don’t like the photos that picture me as a mere china doll. I don’t appreciate being a part of the scenery. I have a bright personality and this is part of my talent.

About Italy: have you ever been here, for work or vacation? Would you like this? And what do you think about Italian people?
I have been in Italy 2 years ago; I visited Venice, one on my favorite cities which I hope to revisit soon. About the Italian people, I can’t say anything more that they give me an emotional comfort which I can’t explain. Maybe the answer lies somewhere in ancient history.

Which are your projects for the future?
I like the idea of an exposition with the title: “Fantasy Nude”. I started this project (with Radu Stanese as photographer) a month ago and it will take 3 or 4 months more before it’s ready. It’s a much bigger project, but I strongly believe that the results will be interesting. (the photo here on the left is a “teaser” for this project… an exclusive for your readers only!). I have received other proposals as well, but right now, they are in very early stage.

Thanks so much Cristina, it was a pleasure having you on our magazine, we are sure we’ll hear about you a lot in the future and we wish all the best for your projects!
Thanks to you, I wish to meet you again and ,why not, in Italy!

We are near the end of this article, but before leaving we’d like to speak about Cristi Buga, so kind to accept this cooperation, organizing this photoshoot with Claudia and Cristina, who he had never met before: we hope this can be the start for other great shootings with these two marvelous models!
Cristi is one of the most requested Romanian photographers: his work has as center of interest the persons, which he wants to draw as a personality. Each photo shooting is for him a separate project and he tries to assert the vision in all its successive phases. Through the camera he sees, feels and surprises.
He is focusing more on beauty photography, glamor and nude, without neglecting dramatism and expressiveness.
Eroticism gain, most of all, surprising valences in Cristi Buga’s photos: far from being vulgar, they compose a chain of human feelings which transpose you into a world of visual pleasure. Photos of this artist express the dynamism of erotic life in a glam and sophisticated way, without being shy to use light in an unconventional way, tough, dramatic, when appropriate. His nudes reminds the Renaissance through the emphasis on perfect proportions of the human body, but, at the same time, the versatility and diverse styles of art addressed. Being confident that you will find a special artist, please follow the evolution of the artist works for whom the photography is a passion, not a daily job, on his websites: www.cristibuga.ro and www.facebook.com/cristi.buga.

We’ll be back with new “beauties from another world”, don’t forget to leave a comment with nice words for Claudia, Cristina or Cristi or to suggest new models for the bext features!

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