Emma Frain, the fawn-eyed girl

In times of elections and financial crisis here and there in Europe, we introduce you a beauty from the heart of old England, to delight these Spring days. Her name is Emma Frain and her big eyes, along with her undoubted “other” qualities, have paved her way towards success, in a tough competition with many other wonderful British glamour models. And after this interview she has given to BE! Magazine, we bet soon she’ll make her way inside the hearts of those who don’t know her, yet.

Hi, Emma, welcome on BE! Magazine. Had you ever thought of becoming a glamour model or did it “just happen”?
I’ve always wanted to become a model but never really thought about doing glamour, and I never in a million years thought that anything would ever happen. It all started when I went to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, where I was scouted by a model agency who suggested that I should do glamour modelling due to my big boobs. However, the agency turned out to be fake and I ended up paying almost £600 for photographs; I was very disappointed but it made me realize how much I wanted to model. After that I sent my pictures off to all the lads magazines and glamour agencies which ended up with me signing exclusivley to the Girl Management agency and also landing a contract with ZOO magazine.

You have been modelling for magazines for a little more than 2 years if I remember correctly. How have they been these 2 last years?
The last two years have been tough but I’ve loved every minute.
When I first started modelling I had just started my second year of university and at first I was struggling to manage my work load. I was missing lectures and seminars whilst taking days off to travel down to London to work, which meant that I was always behind everyone and always trying to catch up on everything I’d missed. I even considered dropping out of university to concentrate on modelling full time. However, my lecturers and family were all very supportive and were always there if I got stressed or fell behind and needed help, and in the end persuaded me to stick it out. I’ve met so many cool people whilst modelling, and made alot of really good friends as well as travelled to some lovely places to work, such as Portugal, Ibiza, South of France, Hamburg. I always have so much fun when I’m working and feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity.

Precisely, what do you love and what do you hate about your job?
I love being contracted to NUTS magazine at the moment, I’m working with the best team of people, they are all so lovely and we always have so much fun whilst shooting. The girls that I work with on the shoots are all like my best friends now and we call ourselves the family. I also love the agency that I’m signed to, I call them my London family because they always look after me. I love never knowing what job I’m going to be doing next, and so far no two shoots have ever been the same, so I never get bored!
I especially enjoy travelling abroad to shoot, because the sun makes me happy and it never feels like work, it’s just like going on holiday with friends. The only thing I hate about my job is the way in which glamour models are percieved by some people. There seems to be a stereotype that all glamour models are stupid, ‘wanna be
WAGS‘ and sleep around. This is not the case! I have a degree in sport and exercise science, I’ve never even met a footballer, and I’ve never had a one night stand!

Do you ever “hate” your boobs for stealing the attention from your face and rest of your body?
I’d never ever hate my boobs because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have such an amazing job, met lots of great people and travelled the world.

You study sports science, how is university going? What do you plan to do with your studies?
I graduated from university last June with a  2:1, I was intending on training to become a PE teacher before I started modeling. However now I am considering going back to university to study to become a dietician.

You are a great dancer I heard, do you keep it a hobby or wish to make it a real job someday?
Becoming a professional dancer is just as hard as becoming a model and now that i’m 22 I think I’m a little too old to try and break into that side of the industry, even though I wanted to become a dancer even before I wanted to start modelling. But I love dancing and will continue doing it as a hobby for now and, if the opportunity arose for me to dance professionally, then that would be a dream come true. I have considered becoming a dance teacher in the future, but for now I’m just going to continue modelling for as long as I can and if anything else happens then that would be an added bonus.

You also mention pole dance among your hobbies. Do you perform it as a sport exercise or to seduce men?
I go to pole dancing because its one of the best forms of exercise I’ve ever done. It’s so hard to learn and works every muscle in the body, but I love it because it’s really fun and since I started it has really toned me up. If ever I’m out with my friends and I see a pole in a club I have to jump on it and have a go, but the moves never look quite as good after I’ve had a few drinks, and the last time I tried it I fell off and broke my big toe; so from now on I try to control myself and only stick to pole dancing in the studio!

Be for a moment a tourism promoter for your city, Stoke-on-Trent, tell us about it
Stoke-on-Trent now has a population exceeding 360,000. Since the 17th century it has been famous for manufacturing pottery on an industrial scale. Firms such as Minton, Royal Doulton, Spode and Wedgewood were all established here. The city is one of the 100 top business locations in the UK.  Stoke-on-Trent is internationally known for the world’s finest ceramics and it has also become an important tourist destination. Stoke-on-Trent’s main shopping area is in Hanley.  Here, the Potteries Shopping Centre houses a number of independent specialist retailers as well as established high street names, great for the latest fashion trends.  Hanley is also home to the Cultural Quarter of Stoke on Trent. The city has 5 main theatres that always show a number of high class productions, along with several cinemas showing the latest films. The city also has a reputation for lively nightlife with numerous restaurants, bars and clubs. Stoke on Trent has two Football League clubs: Stoke City FC, who play at the Britannia Stadium and are currently in the Premier League and Port Vale FC who are in League 2.

The vote is secret, but being an actuality topic I have to ask: have you voted at the last UK elections? How much do you follow politics?
To be honest I don’t really follow politics as I find it very boring and I didn’t vote this year because I was on holiday in the Dominican Republic at the time of the election!! Although I thought that it was a good idea to televise the three party leaders in their debates and I did watch a couple of episodes, and found it quite interesting.

In Italy there is a lot of discussion (even the President of the Republic has said his opinion) about topless/nude women on tv or magazines; many are against it to the point of being downright censors. I take things in the United Kingdom are somewhat differents, but how?
I think people in the UK must just be more open minded to nakedness, the human body is a beautiful thing and it should be celebrated. It doesn’t physically hurt anyone by seeing a topless woman in a magazine, and in many countries if you travel on holiday many of the women go topless on the beach, so what is the difference!? I think it is very sad that people disagree with glamour models going topless, but if a fashion model goes topless or in some cases nude it is viewed in a completely different way, and is accepted as art!

British photoshoots frequently feature two models ore more; do you get along with other models? Can you name some you consider friends or at least see outside your workplace?
All glamour models that I have met have all been lovely and I’ve made some really good friends. Some of which include Leah Francis, Emma Glover, Rosie Jones, Lindsey Strutt, Kelly Andrews and Rhian Sugden. We try to meet up and go out together as much as possible outside of work, but sometimes it’s hard because we all live in different parts of the country, but whenever we do meet up we always have a great time and lots of fun!

If you could pick any male model, actor, sportsman or celebrity as partner in a photoshoot, who would it be? Why? And what set would you like to share with him?
If I could choose anyone then it would have to be either Robert Pattinson or Ian Somerhalder, whichever one is avaliable, because both are absolutely gorgeous. I really wouldn’t mind what sort of set we shot on, as long as it involved as little clothes as possible! (she laughs)

How do you see yourself in a 10 years? Married with children, still modelling or something completely different?
To be honest I really don’t know, I’m not thinking about the future, I love my job at the moment and I’m taking everyday as it comes and making the most of it while it lasts!

What is your relationship with technology? Are you on Facebook/Twitter, etc?
I’m not very good with technology, I have a facebook page that I try to keep up to date with, but I don’t really enjoy sitting at my laptop for hours. I also have a website, www.emmafrain.co.uk, that I write a blog for and try to keep it up to date as much as possible.
I don’t have a Twitter page at the moment, but I recently found out that someone else is actually impersonating me on Twitter, so I need to try and get that stopped before I can set up a Twitter page myself!

Last question is about Italy: ever been there? Would you like to? And what do you think about the Italians?
I love the Italians, the people that I’ve met so far always seem so friendly and happy… and passionate! I used to work in my uncles’ pub when I was younger and the chef that worked there was Italian, and he was so lovely and always happy and singing and he made the most amazing food. I’ve never been to Italy but I will definitely travel there sometime soon, I’d love to do some sight seeing and visit all the historical places and landmarks, and I can’t wait to sample the food!! I may need a tour guide (she smiles)

We thank Kat Perry (Girl Management) for sending us the pictures you can see in this article and we invite you to leave a comment for Emma, here or in the Italian version. You can see more Emma at www.glamourchase.com/emmafrain or www.emmafrain.co.uk.

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