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We’re sorry we’ve made you wait so long for a new international interview, but we’re sure the beauty we’re introducing today will be up to your expectations. She’s a wonderful American model with a magnetic glance and a breath-taking body; she entered modeling very young and step by step her hard work has given her a rising fame… Probably some of you knows her already; everyone else is about to get an eyeful of her, so be ready to admire wonderful photos and unconventional answers by Dana Hamm.

Hi, Dana, and welcome on BE! Magazine. How would you introduce yourself to the Italian readers who don’t know you, yet?
Hi, BE! Magazine!!! Thanks for inviting me to be featured and interviewed on your beautiful website! I’m happy to be here!!! (she smiles)
I’m Dana Hamm, a model, actress and writer from the US. I don’t speak Italian, but I look forward to meeting you and I hope we can become friends!!! Feel free to visit me on my website www.danahamm.com and email me personally!

Let’s start with a classic question: at what age and how did you enter modelling?
I started modeling some around age 16. At first I didn’t like it, because I was put into beauty contests where I didn’t feel I could express myself the way I wanted to, but after I got into photoshoot modeling, I loved it and my career took off.
My first real taste of modeling happened in fitness. Yes, I was first a fitness model. My career as a fitness model was very successful, which prompted me to continue going strong into mainstream fashion and beauty modeling as well.

As a model, you have done all sorts of different works, from more fashion (Guess) to men’s magazine, to your own site photoshoots; which of those are you more proud of?
That is a good question. Actually, I’m proud of all of them in different ways. Some of my accomplishments in modeling have been more public than others, so of course things like magazine covers and layouts are very exciting, because everyone gets to see it on the newsstands. My work with Guess Jeans was great, because I was discovered by them on MySpace, which is extremely rare and literally never happens. This made me feel great! Yes, I’m so proud of my website, because it reflects all my hard work. It embodies everything about me from top to bottom and from a-z. I work constantly 24/7 to keep it current and very entertaining!!!

You’ve been mentioned in several lists of “the most beautiful women in the world”. But do you like yourself or are you one of those models always looking for small flaws and never 100% satisfied with themselves?
I really try not to be “one of those models” you are talking about. When beautiful women become so obsessed with themselves, they are really miserable people to be around. No one understands them either. Deep insecurity is a terrible thing, because there is no easy cure. People will always have flaws, and it’s not always a bad thing. It’s a human thing and a beautiful thing to be “real“.
I don’t think any woman in the world is ever 100% satisfied with herself, especially if her job is looking sexy and stunning. However, I believe there is a happy medium where you can strive for improvement, yet you don’t make it extreme or let it consume your life.
I’m in a business where women are constantly put under a microscope. People want to find their flaws… it’s human nature. I try not to let it bother me. I’m thankful for the beauty that I have and I feel very blessed.

You have an outstanding physical asset, so I must ask you two questions on this topic… and, no, I’m not talking of your wonderful green eyes. Are your breasts natural?
Thank you! I feel very lucky to be one of the rare and few that have naturally large breasts on a slim frame. I’ve had them since 11th grade. However, once I lost a lot of weight during a time when I was training daily with a personal trainer. I only weighed 115 llbs. I was solid muscle, skin and bones. Very tiny for me! My breasts got smaller too, so I’ll never let that happen again. Real boobs require real food, so I must eat to maintain my curves!! (she smiles)

Ok, a less common question now: have your breasts ever been a handicap? For example in a casting where they were looking for a skinny model…
Sure. Unfortunately, big boobs are not desirable for high fashion modeling. Fashion models are typically flat-chested or no larger than a 34B. Designers want you to see the clothes, not the model’s curves.
Yes, there have been times when designers have really liked my face and height, but decided not to work with me based on my bust size. It’s a reality. There are pros and cons to everything. You have to take the good with the bad.
(she smiles)

At what conditions would you pose for a Playboy-style full nude, if there’s any?
I have been approached by Playboy 4-5 times in the past few years. It is always extremely flattering, but the offers are never quite tempting enough for me.
I have been offered Playmate twice, and the last time they told me that
Playmate of the Year was looking very possible for me as well. However, models are offered compensated by way of “cash and prizes” and if you boil it all down along with their business requirements – it is not worth it in my opinion. Playboy is an iconic magazine, but it’s definitely not what it used to be.
I would much rather pose nude on my own website!!!

Have you grown tired of people mentioning Angelina Jolie when they talk about you or do you still enjoy the touchstone?
Well, obviously, she’s a talented actress and legendary sex symbol well-known throughout the entire world, so the comparison is mind-blowingly gracious and I could never be tired of it, but at the same time I want people to know that I’m my own person. I’m not trying to be like Angelina. We are different in so many ways. We share a similar face, ethnic heritage, and maybe somewhat of a similar posing style, but that’s probably where it ends. I’m a big Angie fan and I always will be, but I’d love to see her return to her roots and go back to her black hair and curvy body.

Have you ever met her?
Nope, I have never had the pleasure of meeting her.

Here in Italy almost every celebrity has been on a reality show… Have you ever been asked to join one? Would you like to try this experience?
I’m not a big fan of reality television… or television in general. I never watch it. I don’t subscribe to any provider of channels either. I gave-up TV almost a year ago to concentrate more on my business, and so far it has worked and I haven’t missed TV at all.
If someone asked me to be a part of a reality show my participation would greatly depend on the show’s platform and the amount of income and exposure offered. I’m very choosy about my work. I tend to believe that most reality shows are not truly about boosting actor’s and model’s careers long-term, but rather it’s a vehicle for them to make complete fools of themselves on national television. Maybe not all reality television is like this??? I hope not.
I would try the experience if it was positive and helpful to my career, absolutely. I would like to have my own show, so I could be in control of it. That would be the best!!!

If you had to choose only one, friends, love or success?
That’s a really tough choice, but I think “love” is the best bet.

You said that don’t own a fancy cell phone but what is your take on technology in general?
Good question!!! (she smiles) I could never say that I don’t totally appreciate advances in technology, especially being that I depend on a computer 100% for my business. I think technology is remarkable and incredibly helpful to mankind when it is applied to the right things such as medicine, for example.
I’m just down on the overuse of cell phones and the whole idea that you must have one glued to your ear at all times. It’s silly. I think the giant wireless companies are sitting back and laughing their asses off as they count their money. They are so happy that the masses of “sheeps” have bought into trend. And I do believe these devices have made many people lazier, more obese, less capable, and less aware of what’s really important in the world. It’s important to communicate, but most of what people are using cell phones for is complete non-sense.
I never want my life to revolve around a hand-held device. I guess there are worst things in the world, but this particular issue gets under my skin like no other.

How important is the Web for a model? Do you think that fans’ support alone can make you score photoshoots for big magazines or it isn’t enough?
Now, with the Internet being so extremely popular and widely used for entertainment, I believe magazines and television are taking a backseat to its power. So many people would rather surf the Net than watch tv and be burdened with all those annoying commercials. If a model is super popular online, she no longer ‘needs’ magazines unless it’s solely for an ego blast… and in the future this will become more and more of a mainstay. There have been many magazines that have went under because of the Net and many others are in financial trouble as well. In fact, Playboy is one of them!

So, you’re just launched a renewed website. How often do you update it? What can people find in the Members Area?
Yes, my new website is www.danahamm.com. Currently, I update my site about 5-7 times per week.
My members get access to my professional photo sets, candid snapshots, HD videos, candid videos, diary, erotic stories, webcam chat, phone chat, Skyping, emailing, guest models, and more!!!

Your fans have also the chance to chat with you… What’s the funniest/weirdest question they’ve ever asked? (if it’s something you can repeat…)
Yep, I do chat and webcam with many of my fans and members. It’s a lot of fun and interesting to meet people from all walks of life. The majority of my fans are very very kind and generous people.
Believe it or not, I’ve not had any super strange questions or requests. People are typically very normal and respectful. They are always nice and charming!! I’m lucky!

In this section the last topic is always Italy… I think you’ve been here, right? When? Did you like Italians? What do you miss most? Will you come again?
Yes, I have been to Italy and I absolutely loved it! I visited Florence, Rome, and Rimini. I was there for work, but I did get to sight-see a few days on my own. I loved everything about it. The culture, the countryside, the fashion, the architecture, the food, the people, and the weather! The only thing I didn’t like was the exchange rate for the US dollar. (she laughs) I look forward to coming back very soon to make a movie with a small film company out of Rome.

What’s left to me is to invite Dana to visit me when she’s in Italy (ok, at least I’ve tried…) and to invite you readers to visit her official website and add her to your contacts on Myspace (www.myspace.com/danahamm) or on Facebook, where this is her official profile. And remember that a comment to this interview will be appreciated by both us and her, as well!
In conclusion, I thank Dana for her kindness and for the photos she has personally sent us and I will see you readers soon, with a new “Beauty from the other world”!

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