Natali Thanou, the singing playmate

It’s our August article and and a new beauty we introduce to our readers. We’re back in Greece, for an interview with another blond wonder (maybe Meditarranean brunettes are not trendy anymore). Her name is Natali Thanou and she has been a protagonist of several prestigious covers; furthermore, she’s a well-known singer in her country and in the whole Balkan area. We wish her to be soon successful in Italy, too, and we invite all of you to show your appreciation by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article!

Hello, Natali and welcome on BE! Magazine. What about your origins? You have a Greek name, but you were born in Belgrade…
Hello everybody! I am half Greek half Serbian.

Have you always dreamed of being a performer or were your wishes different, when you were a little girl?
I’ve always wanted to sing and perform, it has always been my dream.

What’s the part of your job you like the most? Posing for the cameras, being on stage, editing a new song or…?
Singing is definitely what I prefer!

So, you’re not just a gorgeous girl, but also a singer. Your first song has been “Why not?” and your second single, “Summer Night” is coming out soon. What can you tell us about your music?
My song “Why not?” was a hit in Greece and it still plays everywhere; “Summer Night” is my new cd single and it’s released in 3 languages: Serbian, Greek and English. It is a duet with famous Serbian tv star Ognjen Amidzic, produced by Eurosong 2007 winner, Vladimir Grajic.

What is “Dream Life”?
“Dream life” is my first organizations group; through it, we’ve organized parties all over Europe, where I was singing and dancing.

Let’s talk about modeling now. Maybe the highest point of your career so far has been the title of “Playmate of the Year 2007” in Greece you’ve achieved. How was your experience with this legendary brand? Were you embarassed during that hot sexy photoshoot?
I don’t think being Playmate of the Year has been the highest point of my career, since I’ve done more than 10 cover pages for the best magazines in Greece and Serbia, like Max, Maxim, Nitro, Madame Figaro, Playboy

Your career is growing abroad, too. In which foreign country have you been more appreciated, in your opinion?
My cd “Summer Night” is released all over Balkan countries and my plan is to expand my career abroad as much as I can

I’ve talked to a couple of Greek models before and they told me they don’t like the Greek modeling scene at all… they dream to move abroad, possibly in the USA. What’s your opinion on this topic?
(she smiles) America is one of the places where I’d like to expand my career, of course

Have you always been a blonde? Wouldn’t you like to see how you’d look like as a brunette?
I’m a natural blonde and I’m happy with my hair colour

I’ve read your biography and honestly I think it’s the first time I find some books’ titles in a model’s bio. Do you read so much?
Yes, I read very much!

A little gossip now… Are you single or engaged?
I am single! (she smiles)

Thank you, this interview is over, but my last question must be about Italy: have you ever been here? Have you worked with Italians? What’s your opinion on them? Our Italian visitors are curious!
I love Italy, I’ve been in Rome… And I adore Italians!!

We thank Dimitris Thanos (Natali’s manager) for providing us the photos you can see in this article. For more informations on Natali and to get in contact with her, we remind you her officiale website, her myspace and her facebook Till next beauty!

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