Barbara Zatler: partly Italian, totally awesome

It’s Summertime and many BE! Magazine readers are probably on holiday somewhere. For those who stayed home in front of a pc, we offer a new episode of our World tour, heading to Denmark. In fact, we’ve met a model with some Italian blood in her veins, who lives and works in the Danish peninsula. Her photos have been published on pages of several european editions for magazines such as FHM and Maxim… and she has just finished a photoshoot which will take her on the Slovenian edition of Playboy, as playmate. Friends, let’s know a little more of wonderful Barbara Zatler, in this interview I’ve made in collaboration with styl

Welcome Barbara on BE! Magazine. Is this your first interview for an italian site?
Thank you for taking the time to hear what I have to say! (she smiles) Yes, this is actually my first time in an italian site.

Introduce yourself a bit to our readers…
How do I start? My name is Barbara Darinka Zatler, I’m 28 years old and living in Denmark, where I work as a model on an international basis. Besides that, I do some acting, but I also have my own column in a women’s lifestyle magazine, so I’m a writer also…
I have roots in Italy, Slovenia and Denmark, so I’m quite a mix, which I’m proud of. My hobbies are animals, reading and painting… and of course my family and friends. I’ve been modeling for nearly 8 years now and I’m gonna keep on doing it as long as I can.

Many magazines, and soon Playboy too, and some movies in your credits; do you like more posing or acting?
Hmm… I think I like both things the same, but in acting I can make a longer lasting career, ’cause modeling only takes you a step of the way till you are too old… In acting there are no rules on how old you can or can not be.

Your photos have been published on magazines from several countries, including Denmark, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, UK and USA. Do you prefer to see your photos on a magazine “for men” (all about sexy half-naked models) or on a classic magazine with a wider “target”?
I prefer to keep my clothes on! (she laughs) No, I don’t really think that much about it. I feel very comfortable with my body, so for me it doesn’t matter if I have clothes on or just a small bikini… For me it’s work and I love it. But also FHM and Maxim display nice pictures and not too much skin showing. But of course I also like when I do fashion… it’s great to have some very nice clothes on and it’s not so cold!

And about Playboy, is it a natural choice, an useful move for the career or a magazine like any other?
Playboy for me is a big achievement, I always wanted to be a playmate and my dream came true! It has been hard work, but I’m proud of myself for keeping on following my dream. So I would say it was a natural choice, but also a useful move for my career.

Do you think Playboy Slovenia is going to be your hottest photoshoot ever? I’ve browsed some galleries on your official website and seen some implicit nudes… Will you show some more for Playboy? Do you feel comfortable naked on a photographic set?
(she laughs) I hope so, but I can’t say before I’ve seen my pictures; the shoot was great and the people are very professional, so I trust them to pick the best shots in the bunch. I was full nude, but only my breasts are showing on the pictures, so no, I will not show more than you can see already on my website… that’s where my boundaries are.
Well, I rest in myself, so I do not have problems with being naked, but I do not prefer to run around butt naked in front of the photographer… but work is work!

And do you have a good relation with your naked body? Do you like it all or is there something you’d like to change of it?
I like my body and I feel good about it. Of course there’s always something you would like to change about yourself, I think we all have that feeling sometimes, but be thankful for what you got!

Do you travel a lot for your job? How is Denmark for a model?
Sometimes I have to travel for my work, but mostly my work is in Denmark or they hire a Danish photographer to do the shoot and that’s great! (she smiles)
Denmark is not the best place for models, ’cause it’s a small country and many girls want to be a model, so the competition is huge. Also Denmark is not a good place for glamour models, as they don’t get enough recognition for their work, unlike in the US.

Your mother is half Slovenian and half Italian, your father is Danish and you live in Denmark. What relationship do you have with your mother’s roots?
Yes, that’s correct and I’m very proud of my roots and where I come from. Almost all of my mother’s relatives have passed away. But as a child we were often in Slovenia and Italy and I loved it very much… I still visit both countries as often as I can and I will keep on doing it till the day I die. I’ve just been in Slovenia and I was on this mountain top, where the view was so beautiful, with Trieste below and the seaside also… wow, it was breathtaking!

And in particular with Italy (and with the Italians)?
My mother is from Trieste, where she grew up and I like it there… it’s near the sea, so it’s a nice place that’s so near to Slovenia, too, that I can visit both places by car.
I love Italian food and also the people are very kind and open people. In Denmark it’s just opposite, people are not open and very kind… so I love it when I’m in Italy or Slovenia, where you feel the warm and welcoming from the people.

You know our former “beauty from the other world” Claudia Romani. Are you planning to “invade” Italy just like she “invaded” Denmark? And do you have many friends among models or is there too much competition for a friendship?
Yes, I know that sweet girl! She’s one of the very few models I like, all the Danish girls are too much into competing, so it’s not possible to be friends with them. It’s sad, but it’s true, so I have my real friends among people who does not work in the model industry.
Well, about invading Italy, I hope to get some jobs there, ’cause I have this relationship with the country… so for me it would be great to both visit and work in Italy in the future.

I see you have a Twitter account and you are very active, too. What is your relationship with pc’s and technology in general?
(she laughs) Yes, I was, but these last few days I’ve been a bit lazy with it and haven’t tweeted that much!
It depends on what I have to do… I can use the internet!
(she smiles) I think I’m doing okay actually, I haven’t been in need of calling help just yet and I use Mac and have an Iphone… just so you can get an idea of what I use in my daily time. But sometimes they piss me off when things don’t go as they should… I wanna throw them out of the window, but I behave myself, of course, and just paint the picture in my head! (she laughs)

Thanks to magazines and internet, you’ve built a global fanbase. Do your fans often flirt with you via email or messages? Is there a rule we shouldn’t break if we want to flirt with you?
Do I really have those?! (she smiles) I mostly get sweet and complimenting mails from people, but I do not flirt with people on the internet. I think I’m a very serious person and my website and profiles are only for promotional use. But if someone should flirt with me, then be polite and in no way perverted.

Photos displayed on this page are by Nikolai Sander Roxman, Carsten Breschel, Christian Thøgersen, Heidi Larsen and Jan Hansen and they were all sent by Barbara. In conclusion, I remind you some of the links where you can find Barbara: her official website, her Myspace, her Twitter and her Facebook. Another way to show her your support? Leave a comment to this article!

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