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After a fully satisfying month for BE! Magazine (acknowledgment on TgCom, “debut” on a paper magazine thanks to the weekly Di Tutto), it’s time to restart and we do it with this interview with the wonderful NikkiLee. NikkiLee is the third model to reach our cover after a series of “Battle of Beauties“, the first foreigner (therefore this page is translated into english, too). By now a friend, she revealed us something more about her life, talking about past, present and future… Let’s find out what she told us… and leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

Hi NikkiLee, welcome back on BE! Magazine for the full interview you really deserved. Let’s start from the beginning… How did you enter modelling? Is there any special episode in your first days you like to remember?
I fell into modelling by accident, I used to be a backing dancer, and one night the singer I danced for informed me that my dancing partner was ill, so I wasn’t needed… but to get in the club for free, I had to photocopy my boobs and so I did. That night the club had my picture on stage!!! A newspaper photographer ran over and begged me to do a publicity stunt, topless, so I did… it went full page in the paper… and the rest they say is history!

If you’re on this cover, it’s because you’ve won 3 head-to-head on this site… In your opinion, how did you manage to impress our readers enough to get so many votes?
I really can’t answer that, I’m just grateful that so many people took the time to vote for me… they must have a thing for busty blondes, I guess! (she laughs) But the other three girls were simply stunning

We can’t deny this means you’ve also got many internet fans… Do you like to make friends online? Do you keep contact with your internet fans?
I am an internet geek, I’m on all the sites, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc…
I think in modelling it’s important to stay in touch with fans, they are who put us where we are. I love chatting to them all, they also pop on my forum from time to time, which is sweet…, if you fancy a chat!
(she smiles)

You’ve faced Nicole Lazzarini, Flavia and Jeneffa. Which one of the three is the prettiest girl, for your taste?
All three were stunning in all different ways, each had their own sexiness about them

Cars have often been linked with your career: you’ve won Fast Car Wannabe, you’ve been Miss Fast & Furious, Miss Promo for USC and winner of Breast of Britain. Did it just happen by chance or are you fond of cars? Is there any special model you like? And are you fascinated by man who drive nice cars?
I love my cars, I modified my car years ago, and got approached to work at a show… and it went from there: I built up a strong fan base that never let me down if I’m in any competitions! (she smiles)
My fave car is a Subaru or, as we call them, “Scooby”… They sound so hot! I do like a man who handles his machine well!

When Italians think of famous British glamour models, they all have something in common: big boobs! Why are British men so obsessed with boobs? Shouldn’t it be a peculiarity of mediterranean women?
I have no idea why English men love big boobs, but I’m not fussed: I have sexy large ones and they work for me! (she smiles) I wish they were bigger, though!

You’re one of those models with huge breasts, so I have to ask you… Have you ever got the impression to “walk in their shadow”? Aren’t you annoyed at all when men can’t look you in your eyes for long?
Nah, it’s funny… I ask them what colour my eyes are and most of the times they tell me my bra size! My boobs are there to be looked at, so I can’t complain.

Another feature you’re proud of is your blondeness. Hasn’t your hair ever been dark? Don’t you have to fight against the prejudice “blonde means dumb”?
I was born with this colour, I got it from my nan, I have no idea if it will go dark when I’m older, but my nan was blonde till the day she passed away. A lot of people think I’m lucky to have this colour, but I’d kill to be a curly haired brunette! Oh well, I could always buy a wig, I guess! (she smiles)
And no, it doesn’t bother me the dumb blonde tag: when you meet me, you understand that I’m far from that tag!

How’s the modelling world in England? Would you recommend it to a young girl who’d like to try it? Is it easy to make a good career if you deserve it, or does it all depend on “sponsors”, possibly sexually-related to the girl?
Modelling in the U. K. sucks at the moment, there are too many girls who think they can model… and do so for free! Hence, less work for professionals! It’s really hard work, it has taken me ages to get to this stage of my career, but I love it; I wouldn’t recommend it, though: I’ve had many lows, as well as highs. It’s not easy to make a living from it, I’m just being honest.
If you’re lucky enough to get sponsored by someone or taken on by a good agency, you can have an easy ride… or if you’re really desperate, sleep your way to the top, but remember people always find out!!! I’d rather be known for my hard work, than for who I slept with to get the part!

Is there a type of photography you prefer?
I simply love glamour: the big hair, big eyelashes, wind machine… I just feel at home doing that style! I can pull of commercial and fetish too, though (she smiles)

I know there’s a movie coming up for you! What can you already tell us about it?
I got a part in a film called “Thugs, Mugs and Violence”: it’s very gritty and very eastend, my manner! (she smiles) I play a spoilt girl, who gets kidnapped. I can’t give too much away, you’ll have to wait and see, but it should be out at Christmas… and you’ll actually get to hear me scream my boobs off!

And is there any other chance for your fans to admire you in the near future?
There are quite a few projects in the pipeline, I have just become the face of a swimwear range called Rockardi, we’ll be shooting for that soon and doing press and tv… I’m very excited about that! I’m also doing more ring girl work for boxing and cage fighting matches, plus I’ll always do my car and bike shows! (she smiles) My website has all the latest info

Are you single or engaged at the moment? How’s your ideal man?
I’m single at the moment, no one can put up with my hectic work load, so… there’s any offers? I like curries and a man who can make me giggle!

In conclusion, let’s check how much you’re influenced by stereotypes: if I say “Italians”, which things come to your mind?
The only word that comes to my mind is sexy! Is that ok for you lot?

Although she doesn’t live in Italy, NikkiLee has honoured our greetings tradition, even sending us a video… Here it is for you:

In closure, I thank NikkiLee for the photos she sent us and I remind you all the links to stay in touch with her: her official website, her myspace and her facebook See you next time!

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