NikkiLee vs Nicole Jeneffa Gomez, Nikki’s last challenge

NikkiLee came out victorious from the most uncertain Battle ever, a thrilling head to head ended up at 325-314. It was her second Battle of the Beauties, so this is her last one: if she wins again, she’ll earn the right to be featured on one of our monthly virtual covers, with an interview entirely dedicated to her. Her last challenge is against another foreign model, even if she’s almost a honorary Italian… Nicole Jeneffa Gomez, in fact, is Colombian by birth, but she has been living and working for several years in the Italian North-East and she has even posed for a photographer we’ve already interviewed. Check their photos, read their answers… and lastly vote!

23 years
Romford (England)
London & Essex
Born in
Residing in
Nicole Jeneffa Gomez
30 years
Barranquilla (Colombia)
5′ 7″
Personal space or site
Chest/Waist/Hips (under construction)
5′ 9″
I constantly look in the mirror, but not in a vain way: I just always feel like I’ve smudged my make up or my hair’s messy!
And I act like a tomboy when I lounge about in my combats
#1 Tell us a habit, behaviour or side of your personality that you consider extremely feminine and one instead of your “tomboy side” I believe femininity in a woman is everything, so I consider myself all feminine, also because since I was a child I’ve learned to leave everything that’s masculine to men. A feminine side I love to express is sensuality… a way of living and relate with the others. I love to get dressed, to look at myself and to be looked, to play with sights and moves, but everything in the right measure (I have a strong aversion to vulgarity…).
My “masculine side” comes out shyly, only with cheeky, insistent, gross people…
A night out with the girls, probably with my “wife” Gemma Massey… We’d start off by getting ready, getting drunk, then hitting the town and having a laugh! And ending up in a bush… (she laughs) #2 Your ideal night: with whom and where, from the preparations to the ending My ideal night is with my man. Obviously wearing an elegant dress, but very feminine… A romantic dinner by candlelight in a restaurant with a fish-based menu, then our night could continue in an elegant club, a place to dance and talk at the same time… Lastly I’d just follow the course of events without holding out…
No, never, I’ve been very lucky #3 Have you ever received fake job offers via internet? How do you smell cheats? So many!!! Cheats are hard to smell instantly, but luckily they unmask themselves in a short while, 90% of the times. As cheats, they’re impatient and they’ve got no constancy and no patience to elaborate specific proposals, or to send detailed informations, which are essential requirements for every serious job offer
A spicy curry, I love them! #4 What gift should a man make you to impress you? I love to be courted, the man who can make me feel like a princess charms me… what really attracts me is to be treated with gallantry and sweetness: wonderful flowers, accompanied by a sweet serenade, as in a fairytale… it would be a great start, indeed!
Ooohhh… Never on a first date! (she laughs) Well, it depends on who it’s with… any offers? #5 Sex: on the first date or only after you’re officially engaged? Mmm… usually not on a first date… but you never know…

NikkiLee’s photos are by Phil Steinheardt and Glow Photography; Jeneffa’s first photo is by Davide Sica.

It’s your turn… NikkiLee or Jeneffa? Do you want to see the champion on the cover or the challenger against another model in the next Battle? Click on the poll here below or in the right column on every page of the website and make your opinion count. It’s possible to vote once every 4 days, the poll will be closed on May, the 20th.
Votes which aren’t following these rules will be eliminated.

Chi è la vostra preferita nella Battle of beauties?

  • NikkiLee (51%, 519 Votes)
  • Nicole Jeneffa Gomez (49%, 500 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,019

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If you have questions to suggest for the next “Battles”, if you want to set yourself up as challengers, or if you have models to suggest, you can find our email address on the top right! If instead you just want to express your opinion on NikkiLee, Nicole Jeneffa, their answers and their photos… remember there’s the chance to leave a comment!

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31 Responses

  1. dean scott says:

    i voet for nikki shes stunning and a lovely girl

  2. izzie says:

    nikki lee all the way!! Amazing model…. lovely girl… Good luck Sweetie xx

  3. john jackson says:

    hope u win nikki an good luck let me know if u win an what place u cum in at

  4. Sam Washbourn says:


  5. I vote for Jeneffa because she is always grateful and charming to me.
    Kiss 4ever in admiration, Francis

  6. emma critchley says:

    good luck nikki xxx

  7. Andrew says:

    Jeneffa is far sexier. Mammacita!

  8. Clif says:

    You are winner hands down far as I am concerned, you definatly have my vote! good luck, stay sexy babe! xx

  9. Deborah says:

    Go Nikki !!!
    (One of the best girls I’ve ever had work for me)

  10. James says:

    Nikkilee the original and best motorgirl. knock’em dead huni.

  11. smeigh says:

    Even tho she hardly speaks to me these days Nikki is a babe and gets my vote (As usual). x

  12. Robert says:

    i vote for Nikki because she is a knock out and has a great personality and i love her X

  13. ash says:

    i vote for nikki quality girl lv her xxx

  14. Dave says:

    nikkilee all the way

  15. Alexia-Bianca says:

    Nikki got clicked 🙂

    comparing those answers made me laugh.

  16. Defo Nikki for the win

    Il get all the unlimited-styling girls to come vote aswell :0

    Good Luck

  17. Monty says:

    Go Nikki from the best video site on the net ! lol xx

  18. alex camargo says:

    no doubt nicole is far away!!!!!!!

  19. tammie says:

    nikki to win shes stunnin hope to work with you soon hun xxxx

  20. styl says:

    You guys are crazy! I wasn’t expecting so many last minute votes! I have to tell you that with such a slight difference, I’ll check all the votes and count just valid ones, so wait until tomorrow before the results are official

    PS: I hope you’re enjoy the rest of my website, too 😀

  21. bob says:

    has it finished?

  22. styl says:

    yes, it has ended at midnight (CET)… Wait tomorrow for the official results

  23. Jene Browne says:

    WoW what a Stunner!!

    Whoop Whoop…..

    VOTE NikkiLee 2 win Battle of the Beauties….

  24. jair carrillo says:

    I preffer Nicole J. because she’s a latin beauty and have very good body and very beauty face !!!

  25. Danny Blue says:

    Fantastic, Blonde, and persistant in anything she does xx

  26. styl says:

    Ok, guys, now you see the official results… Congratulations to Jeneffa for her 500 votes and congratulations to NikkiLee for her third win… she’ll be on our June virtual cover.

    Thanks guys for voting over 1,000 times… I hope you’ll be back on the first days of June to see who are the new 2 “battling beauties”!

  27. Gemma Newman says:

    I vote Nikki Lee… she’s hot!!!! x x x x x x x

  28. fleety says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm got to be nikki…….!!!!!!! sweet and succulent…

  29. Luis says:

    Jeneffa for life…!

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