NikkiLee vs Flavia, another great challenge

An exact year has passed since our first head-to-head between two models on these pages and our little tradition goes on with surprising regularity. We have our first champion not residing in Italy, wonderful NikkiLee, who has won last month with an impressive 230 votes. Against her, Flavia, a model from Tuscany now in New York looking for fortune. She’s not very active on internet, so for professional contacts, you can try to write to us… Here are their answers, don’t forget to vote!

23 years
Romford (England)
London & Essex
Born in
Residing in
24 years
5′ 7″
Personal space or site
5′ 7″
I prefer posing for photos rather than catwalk work, as I usually fall over and slip a nip! (she laughs) I get to be creative in my poses and feel far more sexier and relaxed.
My other abilities are dancing, singing, acting, presenting and general nutcase
#1 Do you prefer walking the catwalk or posing for photos? Have you got other artistic abilities? I prefer posing for photos. I find it far more amusing, besides I have the chance to express myself at my best.
I love writing, I’ve recently completed an historical novel about Florence in the early 18th century. Writing is my real passion, if I could, I’d do just that (besides photos!)
I have 2 tattooes, one on my stomach (a Chinese writing meaning “good luck and happiness”) and one on my spine, it’s a dragon. I also have 15 piercings! I’ll let you have the fun job of working out where they ALL are… #2 Have you got any tattooes or piercings? Nothing of the kind, except very normal holes in my ear lobes for classic earrings. Some years ago I wanted to make a tattoo, but then I’ve changed my mind: I’m in ever-changing and I don’t like anymore what I used to appreciate one year ago. Anyway, during a summer I’ve had a butterfly painted on my shoulder with henna
The only way I would pose nude is for Playboy USA, baby! And you never know what’s in the pipeline… #3 Would you pose completely naked for a lot of money and a mediocre photographer? And for the best photographer in the world, but without being paid? Yes to both. As for the first one, money must be really a lot; as for the second, that photographer must be really famous. I’d pose for Mapplethorpe, but for nothing obscene. Else I wouldn’t even pose for him.
I simply love my boobs, as they seem to get me the most work; I also love my eyes. (she smiles) I hate my arse! …Don’t even start me!
Men seem to love my boobs, which is fine by me, and they never notice my eyes
#4 What’s the part of your body you like the most, the one you dislike, the one men like the most and the one men never notice? I adore everything of myself.
As for men… each of them notices what his personal sensibility is attracted from. There isn’t a favorite part. Self-esteem really matters in this case.
It involves rain!!! In the woods, I think on a car bonnet with me in a white outfit, riding away like a cowgirl… any offers? (she laughs) And I love to dress-up and fulfill fantasies… I have hundreds of outfits, so you all let me know which is your favorite, guys and gals… #5 Your sexual fantasy is… It’s letting my partner guessing it. And if he doesn’t guess right… it means he’s not on the same wavelength with me and so, since it’s springtime, time for pruring… next man, please!

NikkiLee’s photos are by Dave Wise; Flavia’s photos are by Alessandro Bencini.

As usual, the choice is yours… Champion or challenger? NikkiLee or Flavia? Who’s coming back in a month? Click on the poll here below or in the right column on every page of the website and make your opinion count. It’s possible to vote once every 4 days, the poll will be closed on April, the 19th.
Votes which aren’t following these rules will be eliminated.

Chi è la vostra preferita nella Battle of beauties?

  • NikkiLee (51%, 325 Votes)
  • Flavia (49%, 314 Votes)

Total Voters: 639

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If you have questions to suggest for the next “Battles” (remember that one of these girls will be in the next one) or if you want to set yourself up as challengers, you can find our email address on the top right! If instead you just want to express your opinion on NikkiLee, Flavia, their answers and their photos… remember there’s the chance to leave a comment!

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31 Responses

  1. Sam Grassi says:

    Much better than the other bird lol !!!!!!!

  2. nathen barr says:

    great body but you could have used some of your better shots that show the sexier side of you, but thank you for the question any time between to lovely and sexy gal’s such as you two.

  3. steven quincey says:

    Nikki Lee gets my vote every single time,
    Nikki is a sexy girl with an awesome body 🙂

  4. Terry Boyd says:

    Nikki’s well hot x x x

  5. Justin says:

    I gotta go with nikki lee

  6. robert says:

    nikki lee is stunning and she gets my vote

  7. carol sheffield says:

    hi nikki wud love 2 vote 4 u lol

  8. Fady says:

    i vote sure for Flavia
    with my best wishes 🙂

  9. David Billy says:


  10. Poet says:

    My vote goes to Nikki Lee, a stunning girl with a fabulous personality.

  11. Suzanne says:

    nikki lee is by far the best!

  12. Jo says:

    Flavia is gorgeous!!

  13. nimo says:

    miles in head gets my vote

  14. lee says:

    nikki gets my vote! she has the brains and the beauty. the girl is a diamond

  15. bob says:

    what time does the comp end?

  16. styl says:

    Guys, please, don’t be mean with the girl you like less, I’ve already censored some comments… I love them both!

    The poll is going to end automatically at midnight (italian time), then the official results will be given tomorrow, after we’ve checked the validness of all votes

  17. Stuart Chase says:

    Nikki is so hot and a great Joker.

    WAR Nikki. Hope you win.


  18. lee roffey says:

    hi ya you no nikki lee has my vote ever time she is the best

  19. Jade says:

    NIKKI LEE ALL THE WAY!!!!vote vote vote

  20. Martina says:

    My vote goes to Flavia

  21. NuttyNik says:

    nikkilee deffinatly.!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Trixy says:

    My votes the sexy Nikki Lee she is a top girl & a stunner VOTE NIKKI xx

  23. CHOD says:

    Nikkilee does it 4 me every time!

  24. Kloey says:

    Go On Nikki!!! You Get My Vote EVERYTIME xx

  25. Tasha says:

    Nikki gets my vote each & everytime!! Go for it girl 🙂

  26. styl says:

    This poll is over. Tomorrow I’ll check for possible invalid votes and give you the official results

  27. Nicki FTW. I like!!!!

  28. styl says:

    Ok, these are the official results, so congratulations to NikkiLee! She’ll be again on BE! Magazine at the end of this month, for her last Battle of Beauties…

  29. Neb G says:

    Hum …….23 ….. Me thinks a bit older espec as she’s now 30 !

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