Nicole Lazzarini vs NikkiLee, international challenge

The challenge between beautiful models is on again! Last month, Nika Lazzarini from Veneto has won our poll with 75% of votes and so she’s the “reigning champion”. But this time she has got to face a challenger who’s a bit different from usual… I’m talking about the blonde British model NikkiLee, who gave us some hot answers… Read carefully what they’ve both told us, look at their photos and pick who’s the most deserving to represent BE! Magazine!

Nicole “Nika” Lazzarini
19 years
Chioggia (Venice)
Rosara (Padova)
Born in
Residing in
23 years
Romford (England)
London & Essex
5′ 10″
Personal space or site
5′ 7″
Well, I really like working as a model, I do it with pleasure, I’m a helpful girl and I’ve got no problems in doing anything.. I’m willing to learn new things day by day, I like to grow and I feel this is the right work for me! I work with my simplicity!
Of course, every day there’s something to improve… I’m not a professional, yet, but I hope to become a pro!
#1 Besides beauty, tell us a quality you’ve got that is, in your opinion, particularly helpful in your career as a model. And in what can you still improve? It has to be my cheeky personality and the fact that I am far too honest for my own good! But I have to say everything how it is, I hate all things fake and liars, so I feel honesty is the best way! Plus, I’m kinda funny (she laughs)
I’d say a very good one, I like myself just as I am, I’m not into diets, in fact I eat a lot and at every time… I love food! (she laughs) I cycle every day a little, for now I don’t feel the need to go to the gym or else! Obviously I use all my creams after a bath, in the morning, before make-up, etc… Ah, I’ve got to say this: I’m a manic of coordinating and matching, I like to keep everything neat and matched perfectly, shoes, bags and small accessories! My clothing is very ‘shocking’, all colourful and bright! I take care of my body the best I can, every single inch of it, especially my hair, that I adore in these years! I like to put make-up, especially at night with strong and dark colours (eye-shadow, mascara, black or white pencil, red or fuchsia lipstick, blusher, foundation, bronzing powder…); during the day, I use a light make-up instead! Lastly, I don’t go out if my eyebrows aren’t perfect!! #2 What relation do you have with your appearance? Blimey, where do I start? I love sunbeds, even though I know they’re bad, fake tan for when I’m lazy! (she laughs) Bio oil! It’s a must for stretch marks and bruises! All my make-up, fake eyelashes! I can’t do a shoot without those! I eat healthy and exercise a lot. (she smiles) I use clip-ins for when I give my hair a rest from extensions! I have to have long hair! (she laughs) My nails and toe nails! I hate myself without make-up, but I can just about deal with myself once my eyelashes go on!
I don’t dislike her at all, because she really looks as a special girl! Even if her photos are rather hot (that’s why I prefer her second shot), she has got a peculiar charm that makes her mysterious… I see transgression in her #3 Look at your rival’s photos and tell us honestly the first opinion that comes to your mind A stunning girl, but you need a cheeky blonde from the UK, I feel, especially one with massive baps! (she smiles)
I still hear from some of them, but just for Christmas greetings! (she laughs) Honestly I feel after a story there can’t be anything else, except in rare occasions! When it’s over, it’s over! For Heaven’s sake, I don’t hate anybody, but when times go by, a story becomes a memory and it’s not important for me to hear from my ex-boyfriend! We live in the present, not in the past! #4 How are your relations with ex-boyfriends? Do you like to remain a friend of theirs or do you prefer not to see them again? There are a couple of ex boyfriends I wish to never see, as they treated me so badly; a couple of my one night stands I still bump into, but I think because there was no real relationship, it isn’t the same, and we kinda swept it under the carpet… so I guess no, I don’t stay friend with exes
No and if somebody would catch me… Well, making love is a normal thing, so I wouldn’t be ashamed, on the contrary, I’d tell them to join! (she laughs) Just joking! #5 Have you ever been caught by your parents or by someone else while you were having sex? How did you react or how would you react? Oh dear God, once yes!!! By me, then fella’s younger brother just marched in the room, while I was on top… He got his socks, stared, then walked out… I was mortified! And I also got caught at a car park. (no, I wasn’t dogging!) Some people walking their dog got an eyeful of my baps on the driver’s seat (she smiles)

NikkiLee’s photos are by Dave Wise and RVDS Photography.

This is your moment, guys… Nika or NikkiLee? Brunette or blonde? Italian or English? Who do you want as champion? Click on the poll here below or in the right column on every page of the website and make your opinion count. It’s possible to vote once every 4 days, the poll will be closed on March, the 20th.
Votes whch aren’t following these rules will be eliminated.

Chi è la vostra preferita nella Battle of beauties?

  • NikkiLee (55%, 230 Votes)
  • Nicole Lazzarini (45%, 187 Votes)

Total Voters: 417

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If you have questions to suggest for the next “Battles” (remember that one of these girls will be in the next one) or if you want to set yourself up as challengers, you can find our email address on the top right! If instead you just want to express your opinion on Nicole, NikkiLee, their answers and their photos… remember there’s the chance to leave a comment!

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9 Responses

  1. arhiderrr says:

    Nice article

  2. ROBERT says:

    i think nikkilee should win as she is a really lovely lady she works very hard and always give’s 100% iv had the pleasure of meeting her on quite a few occasions and she is great fun to be around and her picture’s are stunning.

    good luck Nikkilee

  3. sezgin says:

    merhabalar ben sezgin

  4. Ash Haworth says:

    Nikki all the way

  5. I want Nikki to win! I have worked with her as a model, and she is brilliant at her job – and the best thing about her is that she is friendly, and very down to earth too…Nikki to win! Whoop Whoop xxxxxxx

  6. Mike M says:

    Nikki is an absolute stunner and will always get my vote

  7. styl says:

    Poll closed, the win is for NikkiLee, but congratulations are for both girls!

    If you’ve got questions for the next challenge between NikkiLee and a new girl, send’em to our email address… today!

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