Ghislaine vs Maela, looking for a new champion

And after the Summer break, it’s the return of our favorite game, the Battle of the Beauties! In the Reign of Beauty it’s time to crown a new Queen; in fact, our beautiful Alevanille has won her third Battle, thus gaining the cover, and this time there will be two new faces in our challenge. Still feeling the Olympic spirit, we introduce to you the first challenger not living in Italy… her name is Ghislaine and she’s a professional model in South Africa. The other contender is instead all Italian, her name is Maela and she’s a professional model as well, in the Italian North-West. Who’s going to win? Vote and you’ll know it!

20 years
Democratica Republic of Congo
Cape Town (South Africa)
Born in
Residing in
22 years
Novi Ligure (Alessandria)
Novi Ligure (Alessandria)
Ghislaine Mutombo on Facebook
Personal space or site
I have a challenging personality, with strong principles, and I’m not afraid to speak my mind when I feel like it. I’m always up to experience new things. In short, I have a pretty strong character, so I guess this quality might raise or lower the interest of your readers. And I like eating lemons… with salt and chilli #1 Tell us something about you that can raise the interest of our male readers and something that can instead lower it I can tell you what a lot of men and women say about me… for example, that I’ve got a huge, passionate, erotic charge. And indeed I agree with this description, but the nice thing is that I’m this way just with my boyfriend… Oops! Maybe this last thing I’ve said will lower the male interest on Be! Magazine!! (she laughs)
Will Smith’s humor and ears, Matthew McConaughey’s abs and eyes and any Westlife member for being real men (if they could just sing for me….) #2 “Create” your ideal man by putting together three features of your choice, taken from three different famous men Amir Derakh’s eyes (but with make-up on, because without he has got shopping bags); Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor’s talent; all the physical and temperamental characteristics my piuipeu has got
A beach holiday in Mozambique, with people close to me, white sands, warm ocean, seafood barbeques, snorkelling on the reef, kitesurfing, shady afternoons and Mozambican sunsets to die for. Sailing on the ocean, swimming with dolphins… the life #3 How’s your ideal vacation? A Polinesian beach, mother naked, a cool-box full of Ichnusa beer (from Sardinia) and… I don’t know!
For me a sexy bikini, of course! Sunset yellow and with a cute frilly edge. Low cut in front but with support… and for the bottom, a cut that shows off my african curves and gives me that comfortable best bum feel: the girls know what I’m talking about and the guys… well, they can see!
For the guys: definitely boardshorts, tightly wrapped around their butt. Abs are a must!
#4 And talking about Summer… Describe for us your favorite swimsuit to go to the seaside. And what’s in your opinion the perfect swimsuit for a man? I believe my swimsuit and the perfect swimsuit for a man are the same… but I’m not telling you what it is!!
The strangest place I have had it… well, let’s say it involved suspension and window bars; the rest is between me and God and the other person involved. I’d like to have it in my bedroom on a nice big bed, nothing beats that! I could never have it at the supermarket checkout point and of course in church. #5 Sex & places: the strangest place where you had it, the place where you’d like to have it and the one where not even the sexiest man on earth could have sex with you The strangest place: on a football field (without the players, of course). The second one is hard to answer, I’d like it everywhere… it all depends on how I feel in that moment. I would never have it on my parents’ bed, not even with the guy who has been Batman in “The Dark Knight” begging me! I just can’t, it seems to me to have my father and my mother there… you know, it would weird me off!

Ghislaine’s photos are by Fanjam, credits; Maela’s photos are, in order, by Carpe Diem Studio and by Norbert Frena.

Are you ready to make your choice? It’s time to vote! You can choose your favorite by clicking down here, or from every page of the magazine, in the poll you can find on the right column (the question is “who’s your favorite?”. It’s possibile to vote once every 4 days, the poll will be closed on September, the 13th.

Chi è la vostra preferita nella Battle of beauties?

  • Maela (82%, 185 Votes)
  • Ghislaine (18%, 40 Votes)

Total Voters: 225

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If you have questions to suggest for the next “Battles” or if you want to set yourself up as challengers, you can find our email address on the top right! If instead you just want to express your opinion on Ghislaine, Maela and their answers… remember there’s the chance to leave a comment!

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  1. Bongani says:

    Ghislaine my love you are a natural!

  2. Amazine site
    Thanks, webmaster.

  3. Bridgette says:

    Ghislaine, u’ve got it all.

  4. libra says:

    both queens are beautiful and hott. and a very tough choice to make. but at the end of the day 1 goddess takes the trophy

  5. phoriadia says:

    Nice site!


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