Theofania Kalogianni, your next door diva

BE! Magazine‘s beauties world tour continues and after England and United States, it’s time to have a stop in Greece. And if the Hellenic peninsula is in this period a great place of vacations for Italian tourists, attracted by artistic and natural beauties, we’re gonna prove you that it’s also a land of beautiful women… The flagship of national beauty is Theofania Kalogianni, a very beautiful blonde who’s reaching fame even outside her country. If you like her answers, you can leave a comment, here in english or in the italian version of this page!

Welcome on BE! Magazine, Theofania. Is it the first time you’re interviewed for an Italian site?
Yes, it is my first time interview for Italy in general… Internet or not!!! So, in a point of view it is exclusive!!! I am very glad to have become a part of the BE! Magazine family…

How can you introduce yourself to our readers?
My real name is Theofania Kalogianni, while my artistic name is PamKiller! I was born in Athens in 1982, but I’ve lived for many years in a small village 400 miles away from the capital… I am 100% Greek!
I work as a professional model since year 1998, having participated in, literally, hundreds of photo-shootings… Some of my shoots and achievements in recent years are: U.S. ONYX Photography Studios 2007 (U.S. PLAYBOY); Miss European Face of the Year 2002 & 2006; Miss European ‘Photogenia’ in 2007; music videoclip ‘Mistake’, by Thanos Petrelis [2007]; MaxPOWER magazine cover [May 2008, Greece]; Maxim [winter 2006-7, autumn 2007, Greece]; FHM [October 2005-6, Romania]; Best European ‘MYSPACE’ female photo model [2007]

When and how did you enter the modeling world?
It all started in 1998, I won the European face of the year contest and I was dazzled by the lights of modeling… Since then, modeling has ‘entered my blood’!

Why did you choose the stage name “Pamkiller”?
Actually I’m not the one who chose it. It all started with an unexpected meeting with the real Pamela Anderson, here in Athens for a Revlon cosmetics advertisement, when all the reporters started calling me the “younger twin sister” of miss Anderson… That fact really annoyed miss Anderson, who became very very mad… So the media here in Greece started calling me ‘PamKILLER’

How is modeling in Greece? Are you happy with it or do you feel you would have achieved even more, if you were born in the United States?
Modeling here in Greece is totally crap… Everyone who wants to give you work, wants in return to have an one night stand with you… Greek modeling is a very sleazy and dirty field of job…
If I were born in the U.S.A., I think I would be on top of the world right now, and that is not an exaggeration!!!

You’ve posed for Playboy USA! Could you feel a different atmosphere on that set? Has it been a dream come true?
U.S. Playboy was quite an experience, with a very professional crew… They made me feel like I was being photoshot by my boyfriend… I felt very very comfortable!!!
It is definitely a dream become true and I want to repeat it in an even bolder shooting, maybe with another
Playmate partner, together on the same set!!! Italian Playboy is also in my future plans, but for the moment i am trying to build some connections for that…

Surfing the net, I’ve also found out that you’ve been drawn more than once, for example as a demo for the next chapter of the legendary videogame “Leisure Suit Larry”!
Yes, that demo is for “Leisure Suit Larry – European Chicks”, but I have been drawn as a theme for many different projects… Two of them are: a demo from my discussions with SONY Entertainment, about creating and publishing (in 2010) a new arcade/RPG game in Blu-Ray, for SONY PlayStation 3, with the name ‘Theofania – Greek Goddess of War’; and a painting (a real work of art) created by one of your fellow countrymen. I wanna say something about the creator of this work of art, about the creator of this pure magic… His name is Marco Guaglione and he is Italian… so I wanna pay my respects to the talent of this young Italian and say that with this work he really honours the reputation of Italy in the field of art…
If he continues on the same rythm with the same dedication, I am sure that one day he is gonna make proud not only the Italian people, but also great artists who have died, but continue to live through their life’s work… One day I am pretty sure that the name of Mr. Marco Guaglione will take its place next to the best Italian painters of history, such as Sandro Botticelli, Enrico Donati, Salvator Rosa, Artemisia Gentileschi, Andrea da Firenze, Michelangelo, Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Leonardo da Vinci and many many others…
This work of art will be used by me in order to make my casting promotion for the upcoming new film ‘Lord of the Rings’ – Part 4 – which is gonna be filmed (I think) during 2011, for the role of the fairy princess, replacing the most beautiful fairy, miss Liv Tyler…
Well, it is a very very long shot, but who knows, I’ve got to try… Destiny is in favour of the bold ones!!!

And what about the “businesswoman” Theofania?
Recently, on December 2006, we created a company which consists of 11 very reliable members/partners: high experienced photographer, public media representative, stylist, make-up artist, special visual effect expert, production director, web development and promotion expert, lawyer, two assistants.
The name of the company is ‘THEOFANIA&Partners’ and it works as an independent corporation in the field of creating visual and photographic projects, based on my face and body!
These projects are being used for commercial purposes, by editorial companies (magazines and newspapers), advertising and promotion companies, music companies (videoclips), private companies who want to advertise their products (such as underwear, swimwear, nightclub clothing, cars, gyms, fitness products, body and face creams, perfumes, etc…)

Which are the parts of your body you like the most and those you don’t appreciate?
To be frank, there is absolutely no part of my body that I do not appreciate… (she smiles) In fact I love my eyes and lips, my hair and my ass… In addition, I wanna raise my breast size, since i have to stand to my name ‘PAMKILLER’…

Curvy blondes like you are often considered “too beautiful to be real”. Do you ever meet men who give up flirting with you before even starting, scared by your beauty? And does it happen that you have to be the one who breaks the ice?
90% of Greek men give up flirting with me before they even start… You men are very afraid of rejection and that is not a good aspect of life… You should have more nerves and courage towards beautiful women!

Are you single or engaged at the moment?
For the moment I am single… And I hate being alone!!!

Can you describe your ideal man? Is he maybe a football player, as for Italian models? Or maybe a basketball player?
The type of man I like is dark skinned, a bit fit, not very tall, decent income, brown eyes, short dark hair, serious eye-look, nice teeth, long fingers, sensitive but in a barbaric kind of way… Am I asking too much???
(She laughs) A bit like you Italian men… I love Italian people!

And now four quick “This or that?” questions…
Europe or United States?

U. S. A.

Implied nudity or bikini photoshoot?
I love both!!!

Career or love?
Love and family

Tender love or rough sex?
Tender, rough, passionate, dirty, sleazy, caring, nonstop sex… That is what I like !!!

What are the future goals in your career?
I wanna travel around the globe and show people that there is Greek beauty as well and it is pretty powerful!

If you want to know more about Theofania and to see some more photos, please visither official site; to get in contact with her, you can use instead her official Myspace

See you soon with a new Beauty from the other world!

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  3. Sven Bihel says:

    Théofania Kalogianni is obviously one of the greatest top models ever. It doesn’t surprise me at all that even P. Anderson was jealous of her !
    To my eyes, Théofania is a gift from Gaïa, as graceful inside than outside. I hope that Marco Guaglione will succeed in capturing all of her beauty, into his paintings.
    I feel shocked to learn that such great lady is single ! Are Greek men all blind or something ?
    And besides, it’s quite exciting … ~Swan~

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    I love you!

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    Very nice….would love to see more of that booty!

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