Brandi Michelle Bourgon, the art of modeling

It’s our second meeting with the Beauties from the Other World, the only place on BE! Magazine to discover beautiful women who aren’t famous in Italy, yet. Our guest this time is Brandi Michelle Bourgon, a very experienced American model and artist all around. I hope you enjoy this interview… Don’t forget to leave a comment!

Welcome, Brandi Michelle, and thanks for accepting this interview… May I call you just Brandi or just Michelle?
Brandi Michelle

Fitness model, bikini model, “femme fatale”… You’ve experienced all the possible fields of modeling (except for artistic nudes). Which of those photoshoots reflect your personality better?
Fashion, classic vintage pin-up and femme fatale, I suppose all fit me best

Modeling is like acting, but who’s the real Brandi Michelle?
I’m multifaceted beyond your wildest dreams, so they all reflects various aspects of myself. I’m sexy, sultry, classy, elegant and intense to start… I can outwit and out-challenge the big boys or I can make them melt like butter in the palm of my hands. I’m bold, honest, outspoken, fierce, soft, compassionate, intuitive, spiritual and nurturing. I’m an artist

And about that little exception… Why haven’t you given to our eyes the pleasure to see you naked?
I made a clear decision that I won’t do nudes. I’ve had plenty of people in my history exploit my body and my beauty. I won’t in turn now exploit myself

I see you’ve worked for Playboy Channel… Didn’t they make you an offer you couldn’t refuse?
No one in life has ever made me an offer I couldn’t refuse

In some of those fitness photos, your abs look better than mine will ever do… Have you met guys with a fetish for “women with abdominals”?
I wouldn’t go so far as calling it a fetish. I’ve received plenty of admiration, however

Do guys with a fetish (for feet, abs, or anything else) worry you? Or do you like their interest?
Yes, they worry me!!! Any fetish, when taken to an extreme, gives me the absolute creeps! I’ve had fans with various fetishes, like choking, for example: they just want to take photo after photo with me choking them. I don’t at all judge them. I just can’t play along…

But all in all, what’s the part of your body that most guys consider the best? And do you agree with them?
Hands down, my ass. With my eyes as a close second? Haha… It used to be my abs and arms as well when I was doing aerial arts and dancing daily…

At what age have you entered the modeling business?
I started commercials at 2; beauty pageants at 12; runway and modeling competitions at 13

Have you changed your approach towards photoshoots?
I’ve always loved being in front of the camera; very playful, at ease with movement and posing, but I was very critical of myself in the final images. I always thought I wasn’t thin enough. I’m less of a perfectionist over the years. I judge myself less and less… and I eat!

What’s your opinion on cosmetic surgery and photo-retouch?
I’m not in judgment and I’m not opposed. To each her own. But! Media creates public opinion and those creating media are largely telling us that natural beauty isn’t good enough anymore. I’m all natural and plan to stay that way for most of my life. As far as retouching goes, I don’t even have my photos retouched. I post them all as raw images, unless the photographer has already taken the liberty of retouching beforehand

Do you feel they’re like “doping” inside the modeling world? And which one of them is worse, in your opinion?
Hands down cosmetic surgery is in my opinion way worse for the “public’s” self-image as a whole. Everyone these days knows that many photos are retouched, which is temporary. But surgery is for life

Not just a model… You’re also dancer, host and actress. Is it easy in the US to be so many different things or do people tend to “label” a woman (as it happens in Italy)?
I was an internationally touring aerial artist, acrobat and fire performer as well. Yes, here in the U. S. it’s expected that you’ve got more than one talent. If not, you fall short in many ways

And which one of these artistic expressions do you prefer?
As I’ve said, I’m so multidimensional that I just consider myself an artist. Period. At the same time, I will always be a dancer!!! There’s a passion that moves through my body, that can only be expressed properly through movement

There’s something I forgot about your artistic skills… On your myspace, people can find some of your poems and lyrics!
Yes. I’ve been writing all my life, but three years and half ago, when I was unable to express myself through movement anymore due to majr injuries, I turned to write tons of poetry and what has become un-produced song lyrics as well, to get me through the darkest time of my life

So, do you like the poet-type of man? Or do you prefer a comedian, or a tough guy… C’mon, give us some tips to steal your heart!
Good God, I like them all. I’m a big fan of men. Haha… And women! Don’t forget, I’m bisexual.
No, but I’m definitely attracted to artists and performers of all genres really. I like creative minds and expressive souls. To steal my heart? I’m not givin’ that up so easy…

Talking about Myspace… Do you spend a lot of time on internet social networks? Do you use it just for work, or do you also correspond with nice fans?
Yes, I spend plenty of time online working, networking and socializing

What kind of people have you met on Myspace?
I’ve met tons of people on Myspace! Photographers, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, models, fans, lovers, old acquaintances, etc...

Is it true that there are more weirdos there than in real life?

Which tattooes do you have? What’s the story behind them?
My first tattoo was when I was 18, on my lower back: it’s a celtic design of “The Lovers”, which is a high archana tarot card, as well as represents my firey element. The one across my shoulders was second: it’s a neo-tribal designed by a special friend. It’s my wings and represents my air energy. The brand on my left shoulder is a Chinese character, representing one of the five sacred mountain ranges -the Eastern range- and correlates to green, spring and wood; it’s my earth or wood energy in Chinese medicine. And the neo-tribal white ink tattoo across my chest was also designed by a dear friend. It has an oceanic feel to it across my heart chakra and represents my water energy

What’s the best tattoo a guy could make, to look hotter for you?
I absolutely adore/love tattoes and piercings on men and women! But I can’t say… It has to be a totally individual externalized expression of who that person is internally. It’s a very personal choice

In conclusion, let’s check how much you’re influenced by stereotypes… If I say “Italians”, which things come to your mind?
Nothing! I guess I’m not, hahaha…

Photos 1 & 4 are by Eric Grossback (Rockstar Photography); photos 2 & 8 are by Bob Bullard (Design Image Photography), TeaseUm bikini; photo 3 is by Alex Ardenti; photos 5 & 7 are by Chas (CK2 Photography); photo 6 is by AZ Jackson, TeaseUm bikini.

To know more about Brandi Michelle, visit her official myspace:

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