Elise, the Lizard Queen

elise_craig-morrow1.jpg We open today this section of our BE! Magazine named “Beauties from the other world”, which will be dedicated to women who are famous in other countries, but less known or totally unknown in Italy. The first girl we meet is Elise, an English model. Elise has appeared on the cover of Nuts and she has been a cybergirl for the British Playboy, but she has also got another job, which is extremely curious: she’s a sex toys rep for a famous company! Read her interview and leave a comment if you like it… she will be happy to read it!

Hello Elise, welcome on our pages. It’s really hard to find your full name on the web. Why did you decide to use just your first name on stage?
I have taken my inspiration from one of my idols, Jordan. I wanted to go by just a single name like her, so I don’t use my real name or surname.


And why have you named yourself “the Lizard Queen”?
I love reptiles and dragons, I’ve got a water dragon lizard for a pet; I’m also a fan of the Simpsons and ‘I am the Lizard Queen’ is a line which Lisa quotes when she’s whacked out on dodgy water in one of the earlier episodes.

elise_craig-morrow4.jpg You claim to be all natural and scream it out loud. Does it bother you to be outsmarted by other girls after a cheap silicon addiction?
Not particularly, I like to think I’m different from other models because I’m all natural, not just boobs, but my hair length and colour, nails and other things that some girls get enhanced.
What does annoy me is not getting noticed and recognised for this trait.

All the top British models right now have something in common: huge boobs. Why are British men so obsessed with boobs? Shouldn’t it be a peculiarity of mediterranean women?
I think it’s a simple case of bigger is better.

Madonna used to say “Italians do it better”. Can you second that (if you’ve ever tried an italian lover) or are you satisfied with British lovers?
I’ve never tried an Italian, so I can’t say much about them; plus, I’m happy with the British guy I have already. Sorry.

elise_craig-morrow3.jpg In England there’s a strong separation between ‘serious’ magazines and ‘silly’ ones, while in Italy it’s possible to see those ‘Nuts Top 100’s’ republished by La Repubblica, a super-serious newspaper. Would you prefer the Italian contamination or do you enjoy your pink and golden ghetto on English magazines?
I enjoy being in pretty much any publication, as long as it’s sold in shops where everyone will see it and it’s not too dodgy or sleazy then I’m happy.

Do you ever feel embarassed in posing almost naked? Can you tell us an embarassing episode, for example in one of those fake-lesbian photoshoots?
Not really, as long as the shots come out good, then it’s all good with me.
I once was made to wear a PVC dress for a shoot, not realising that it absolutely stank, after a while I could smell it and I thought it was the other model… it wasn’t til the end of the shoot that I realised it was the dress! After I had spent most of the shoot trying not to get too close to the other model and holding my breath thinking she was the stinky one, and she wasn’t!

elise_candy-crib.JPG You’ve posed for Playboy, a real institution! Could you feel a different atmosphere from all the other photoshoots on that set?
It was only Playboy UK cybergirls, I don’t think it has quite a high profile as USA Playboy, plus I’m not keen on how the pictures came out, so it wasn’t really any different at all from any other shoot.

You’ve also worked with ‘Jordan’ Katie Price. How’s she in person? Can you tell us something we don’t know yet from the sextape we’ve all watched?
She is lovely, I really enjoyed that day, it was exciting working with one of my idols and even better to see the results the next day in all the papers and magazines.
I’m afraid I’ve not actually watched ‘that’ tape, I’ve never seen it, so couldnt tell you anything about it. I’ve never felt the need to watch it.

elise_mark-barnfield.jpg Besides modeling, you work for Ann Summers, so the question is authomatic: do you use their sex toys? Oh, can’t you find a man who satisfies you better than a plastic thing?
Of course, and I don’t use them instead of a man, I use them with my man! Come on girls, you know what I’m talking about, when he shoots too early at that all important moment, you need finishing off somehow… and what better way than to pull out your rampant rabbit from the draw and get him to finish what he started! (Elise laughs)

Do men behave different with you, depending if they know you as a model or as an Ann Summers rep? Are they fearful or aroused by your double job?
Not particularly, I usually get chatted up when I go out regardless on whether they know what I do, but they do sometimes try it on even more when they find out what I do.

After this interview and these photos, we might want you full-time in Italy. What should we offer to you?
Hmm, let me think. I’d want cover and feature shoots with all the top selling lads mags like Maxim, FHM and such. Loadsa money for doing the shoots of course, I wouldn’t expect to just be given a pile of cash, I’d work for it on shoots and stuff.
And depending on how long you guys want me out there, if it’s a loooong time, I’d have to uproot everything and bring it ALL with me!


If you want to know more about Elise, check out her website and myspace:

Photos 1, 2, 3 & 4 are by Craig Morrow; photo 5 is by Candy Crib; photo 6 is by Mark Barnfield; photo 7 is by James Game

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